Sex Positions - Woman on Top

Sex Positions - Woman on Top

Sex is referred to as the extreme form of sexual relationship among a male and a female. Though this is naturally intended for reproduction, or copulation, sexual intercourse is used for mere pleasure between a male and woman. In its most organic sense, sex is the act where a man’s penis enters the female organ, mainly with procreation purpose.

As long as world exists, sexual intercourse has been an occurring “experience” among all humans. As social beings, people have developed the urge for sexual intercourse as more than that of mating, but for bliss and erotic romances, as well. There have been numerous sex positions thought of by men and female throughout time, which are exciting and pleasurable.

Woman On Top

One of the most typical and most preferred of these sexual positions is the woman on top position. This pose is also referred to as the jackhammer, cowboy, or cowgirl pose. As the name of the pose tells, this sex position occurs when the female (often named as the receiving partner) is on top of the guy (the inserting partner).

To do this right, sexual partners can follow these guidelines, or at least, try a similar position:

- The guy, lies down flat on his back, or sits down in a couch or a chair;

- The woman sits on top of the guy, with her partner’s body between her legs and;

- The female’s vagina is aligned with the man’s penis to allow penetration.

Step #2 may be changed so the female sits on top of the male, but may not be looking at him. In this option, this is named a reverse cowgirl pose. That’s because it looks like she’s riding a horse.

Features And “Fringe” Benefits

Want to have that intimate moment together? Then the sexual position woman on top is the best pose, as this enables both parts to look into each others eyes, thus adding the heat to the moment. Here, the male can massage their woman’s chest while doing the good deed.

also lets deeper penetration for guys, and the female may control of the angle, the depth and intensity of the penetration. Males can postpone ejaculation in this position, as well.

More importantly, this sex pose is not that “labour” demanding for the guy, as his weight doesn’t need to be supported, while a man remains at a fast pace of physical activity. At this way, the woman remains more static, or this could be the other way around, as the woman moves, so the man let’s his woman to take control.

Want to try something else and spicy in your bed? There are thousands of sex positions but woman on top is surely is in the top 5 of all of them.